Tuesday, December 27, 2011

God's timing

I always say God has a reason and its all in his timing. Sometimes its hard to believe what i understand, know and say to others. The past year as been a really hard year for me and those around me. I have seen so much. I am beyond ready for a calm, happy, restful new year. I do understand it will have moments when i will be sad and those around me will too. Just praying that it isn't like this year. So many people were sick and/or died and that's hard.

A few weeks ago m best friend was diagnosed with Melanoma. She is still talking to doctors about treatment opinions and other things. It's sad to see her in pain and scared. However she is the most amazing, hard headed woman i know. So there is no doubt in my mind she will beat this. Just hard to see her and her family go through the pain of being hurt, sad and scared.

When i talked to my family about needing them to supporting me and being parents and there to listen. instead i got the i will cut you off. Its not your place drama. However, during all of this. I did find support from others in the strangest ways. so whatever happens it will be okay and God is there and he has a pain. I am not scared of losing my best friend or losing support from my family. however, i will be sad that something stupid like me helping a friend would cause our relationship to change. However, I will not live in fear. I will do what i need too and want too and know is right

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