Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wow! Has it been that long?

Time seems to fly by...I haven't written here in a long time. Not want I wanted. After A back injury late last year. January started with appointments at the Chiropractor. Two months and $500 later. I was feeling great. So much has happened since then and the last time i wrote on here. My Aunt Teresa had to go into a rehab, aftter a month of being there. She woke up and couldnt breathe. We were told my doctors to say goodbye. It was a hard moment. She has been battling lung cancer for 18 months now. family started heading to Houston from all directions. We had planned to pull the tubes out of her mouth Monday morning. Would you believe it but after the tubes came out. She was talking and acting like Teresa. Such a blessing.

That week I was in and out of the hospital visiting her I was able to reflect on what had happen and how things were going. People who i felt should be there, weren't. People who didnt have too, said they would if i needed them too. And some people didnt seem to care at all. I was disappointed. I have learned what people are really there in a time of need and which ones are not. I am thankful for the ones whose prayers, love and support where with me and my family.

I also notice that week that i was stronger then I ever thought i could be. I knew god was with me and that i had all the love and support i needed. For that I will be forever greatful.  

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