Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God's Timing is never mine

Last night after creating and writing my first post for this blog. I felt so excited and ready to take on the world after many days of being sad, feeling helpless and alone. Today I woke up ready to go. I went to speak to my Doctor. Amazing lady I must say. After telling her how i felt. She encouraged me to see a counselor. I was all for it. I said I know i need help so here i am asking for it. So to help me, she felt my body had become immune to the Zoloft. So to help my dosage was up. Starting tonight i will take 100mg. She said this is very normal and not to worry. After leaving her office. I was called by her nurse with a list of counselors. Within an hour I had an appointment to meet a counselor starting next Wednesday.

So after a little nap I will be off to get my new meds and getting out of the house to either go to the movies or a walk. Depends on the weather.

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