Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to my new blog! Depressed? Now what?

January 20th was a changing day in my life. A day I let something come out I had been hiding and battle for a few years. I believe I was in denial. Not anymore. After feeling very blue and having many people asking me what was wrong. I realized I was only hurting myself by not accepting the truth.

So I took my life and future in my own hands. I sucked up my pride and met with my new doctor. A wonderful woman full of understanding. After a  long talk about my family history and explaining how I felt. I was put on 50mg of Zoloft a day.

For whatever reason I knew that was what I would be diagnosed with. However, after holding the pill bottle in my hand. It was like I got hit in the head with a ton of bricks. There was no denying it now. It was true and I was ready to accept it.

After 3 weeks of very side effect you could think of. And losing a total of 15 pounds. A time when I felt like giving in and saying it was not worth it. I started to feel happier, i was able to focus and see what i needed. I had my motivation back and was ready to take on the world. I wasn't getting as upset. I was able to reason and problem solve.

That would be a great ending right. I only wish. But that's only the beginning. In April my Great aunt was diagnosed with Lung cancer. This affected me more then I thought. I started noticing that I wasn't coping with anything the way I should. I was coming unglued over the littlest things. Yet, when it came to something big. I would sit in a daze all day. Sitting staring at a wall. For a while, I couldn't even cry. I wanted to blame God. Yet I knew he had allowed it to happen for a reason. Their was something he was wanting to teach us.

A few days ago I learned a very dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. A Friend who was there for me while I was a teenager was now faces a battle all to familiar to me and my family. Being the daughter of a breast cancer survivor.

It does amaze me that God has placed some of the strongest women in my life to teach me. This strong ladies are survivors in every use of the word. Their strength amazes me everyday.

Looking back I can see I was on a downward spiral and fast. I was feeling overwhelmed, I was being short with everyone. After realizing I didn't feel like me. I took some time off work. This is when I realized I needed help learning to cope with life. Just medicine would not be the cure all.

After returning to work for a few days and completing breaking down at work, I was able to let it all out. I felt hopeless, helpless and overwhelmed. I felt like I was not being able to cope with stress and life.

Tomorrow I will be headed to a Doctor's appointment to talk about my choices. So with determinations and God on my side. I will learn new ways to learn how to be me. Life isn't always easy. But it's worth living.

This blog came to me as a way of expressing my feelings and help me learn about myself. I hope whoever reads this will be able to take something away with them


  1. I have battled with depression as well. At the begining of this year I "saw" myself and realized how I was letting someone else crush my soul and everyone around me. I wanted change. Maybe being responsible for how my daughter turns out or my age or something else made me finally see I cannot change others only myself and my actions. So I began a long, scary and lonely path. I hit rock bottom before I realized I was not alone...God was there as he always has been. I just needed to open my broken heart again. Here is a quote that has helped me ...." Be the change you want to see in the world " Gandhi

  2. Thank you so much! We are not alone. The last 2 weeks have made me feel I have hit my rock bottom. Thank you for sharing your experience. If it wasn't for my best friend and her openness. I would have never spoke to my doctor. If you ever feel like talking. I am here to listen. No path should be lonely. We are not alone. Therefore I feel we can all help each other out.