Monday, July 25, 2011

Changing me and only me!

Before and after my counseling session today. I found myself in a great mood. Others have noticed the difference in me and said I seem to be a whole new person. Which slowly by slowly I can see what they see. I am very proud of the fact I took control and said i needed help. I'm very Thankful to have the resources available for me to use. I am very blessed by God to have the support I needed during this time of change in my life.

I have been slowly noticing things that i need to change in my life and been slowly working on them. It's not always easy because i fight the want to go back and do what i need before because it was normal and even in the middle of chaos i was comfortable. Its what i knew.

The hardest part now is not going back, but fighting to become a better me. Its not always going to be easy but anything is worth fighting for. A few weeks ago i was talking to my best friend and she was saying how change is hard and it gets worse before it gets better. It has right now is the hardest part but even in the middle of this all. I can see the little things within myself that gives me the hope and strength to keep doing it, keep fighting to improve my life and those around me.

I by no means have all the answers. I am still learning. Yet I hope by me changing things up, working to be a better person. I can show others there is a better way, you can break the chains of your past. Everyone needs to do what makes them happy and what makes them the person God created them to be.

Now My prayers are that the relationships i have with others will only get stronger and that we will learn to work together instead of seeming to not get along now because of e trying to change and them staying the same.

"Relationships are like pieces of a clock. If one part wants to change the other parts will either change with it or it wouldn't work. It is never easy to change because but don't let the other parts force you to go back to the old way when there is a better way." ---Paraphrased

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